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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Yes, I'm up to six broken tanks. The rivets keep breaking. First, I mounted the tank as it should be, those rivets cracked and leaked. New tank same mount, crack, leak. I figured I'd reinforce a new tank with JB Marine Weld in and out. I let it dry for two weeks. JB Marine Weld claims to be petrol proof, but it is not. When the rivets broke, I looked inside, not a trace of the JB Weld remained. Next, I devised a new mounting system that didn't put pressure on the rivets but used them only to mount a bracket, I thought that was genius but the rivets still broke. I got a better quality tank that's smaller ... and it broke. These Chinee tanks are crap. They're made out of literally paper thin scrap metal.

I also tried the rear, rack-mounted tank but that idiotic thing is engineer by a retard. The filler and bung are at the same end. So, if you fit it so you can get to the filler, at the rear, your gas line has to be 2.5' long; and if you mount it so the bung is close to the engine you can't open the filler because it's under the seat. Not to mention the tank doesn't fit the rack and the rack doesn't fit the bike and either configuration the tank gets in the way of the brakes. I seriously don't think this tank and this rack were ever meant to go together. I think they hate each other and refuse to work together.

So now I've got the rear rack mounted tank zip tied where a normal tank would go. I have two upper tubes so it's stable at least, although it looks stupid.

I have a straight frame, no shocks at all. Every time I go off-roading I break a tank. I'm not hitting huge jumps or anything, just dirt roads. Ok, maybe a couple jumps ... once in a while.

I've seen a guy on a bike with a vertical, thermos looking tank that looks really cool but I can't find it online anywhere. He said he'd sell me one for $100, but I know he's not making them. So, he's getting them somewhere ...
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