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You would have done better to have addressed your disagreement with that moderator, or any staff member, in private instead of starting this thread.

As far as "Free Speech" is concerned I believe you're thinking of the 'U.S. Constitution. This, on the other hand is a privately owned and operated forum, with rules and certain standards. Those standards do not allow any member to show disrespect to other members simply because they have differing opinions. You have been guilty of this on several occasions and it has been brought to your attention.
I believe we had this discussion, in private, a while back and you took exception to my position then as I'm sure you will here, again.

Starting a new thread simply to post your discord with our rules and standards isn't the way to handle the situation. You might want to keep that in mind in the future.
Also I believe it was mentioned to you previously that there are other motorized bicycles forums available and maybe you'd be happier being a part of one of them since it appears you are so dissatisfied with us. Your choice.
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