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2door you may not be a where of what happened. I could very well inform you
off line. I had a post removed for no reason. I do post on other sites & NEVER had
a post removed for any reason , for nothing I said was out of line. I only posted of going to a boat show & what Forest Woods the founder & most respected man in the industry
said about the future of two stroke engines. Then I,m told I,m wrong & so was
Mr Woods, & then jumped on about a old post that had been layed to rest & had nothing
to do with this one. Bud that's it in a nut shell.

Can I not have my opinion with out being labeled a trouble maker. I did not bring
the past up your moderator did. It had nothing even remotely related to this post. I was only sharing with other members what I learned from a man that should know, that deals with outboard manufactures every day of his life.

enough Go ahead stripe this post also if you see fit.
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