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Default Re: Pull start china doll?

Originally Posted by Flyman View Post
Well this is it BUT it does not show the cable. The cable is stranded wire just
like a throttle cable though. When you pull up this amazon site Bikeberry has on
listed at to cheaper & with prime. It looks the same, but maybe the plastic one
Map was talking about. But the $26 I bought came from China, & if its the same,
I recommend it. Hope I helped, Fly
wow amazon is proud of that, the same one can be had for less than $15 from a guy in Florida, i tried mine out on my latest GT5 engine just to see how it would fit up and it fit perfectly, no mods required.

actually $14 free shipping, its the all metal one with cable pull rope.

just wanted to pass this along so you can get a better xeal on the next one.
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