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Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
It sounds to me like you're definitely reving out and the max rpm is your limiting factor for more top speed like me and if it can climb a fairly steep hill without losing too much speed or maintaining a certain speed, the power is there and a gear change will definitely get you faster...
I have a small pocketbike CVT I bought last summer but my frame is too small to get it in there and working the way I'd like it to, but maybe in one of my next builds I'll get a bike with a larger frame so I can run it thru a jack shaft behind or under the engine, it will also need to be modified and a new plate made for it to make it narrower as well as upgrading the bearings but it would offer enough range to install a 36 tooth and accelerate like the 44 on the bottom but top out like a 32 tooth since it's about 10% overdriven at full speed.
Getting this to work on a CG setup won't be an easy task but if I can find the right frame or chop up and re weld a frame I should be able to get it to work.
Dave do I sure have a frame for you! Come on over and just chop up my cruiser frame! I don't mind!
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