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I got hooked on Suzukis at an early age myself and the first full size motorcycle I bought with my own money was a 1987 GSXR750... That thing scared the daylights out of me the first few blasts up the street, then I kinda got used to the raw power that bike had and ended up doing my usual... bigger carbs, higher compression, Vance & Hines header and muffler.. if ya wanna call it a muffler... it was more like a giant aluminum can on the side of the bike that would blow out the packing after a few hard runs... I remember I was running late for work one day and headed down the highway toward town and there were these 2 cars driving side by side, both going about 10 mph under thte speed limit.. I kept switching lanes and even flashing the hi beam when nothing else got their attention for one of them to speed up or slow down... just GET OUT OF MY WAY was all that was on my mind at this point... After about another mile of this I got brave and put the bike right on the center line, held it there a second or 2 while deciding if I could fit between the cars... Dropped the bike down to 2nd gear and cracked her wide open... I blasted past both cars with about 2 feet clearance on each side and the poor guy on my right had his window down so he got a Full dose of my blown out Vance & Hines at 9500 rpm at WOT... I looked in the mirror after I got past them and both cars swerved and I know I scared the **** out of both of them... But... they shoulda got out of my way when they had the chance...

The intruder and the Sportster both run open drag pipes with no baffles but they're no where close to as loud as that old Gixxer was... The intruder is exceptionally fast for a cruiser and will smoke the tires all the way thru first gear no matter how softly you take off and will also pull the front wheel up if I can get enough traction... like new tires on new pavement I can usually get the front end hovering about 6" off the pavement until I up shift into 2nd... That bike is a true Torque Monster and still one of the fastest accelerating V twins out there... Only the Suzuki M109R, thte yamaha Vstar Warrior, and maybe the Vtx 1800 Honda can out accelerate the bike.. and of course, the Harley V rod but it can eat just about anything that has a big V twin.
The sportster feels like a kid's bike after a ride on the Intruder and it's also a fast bike... I remember when I hurt my ankle and my friend had to ride it home for me he was all smiles and kept asking me what all I did to the bike... i just pointed over to the intruder and told him "this one's Way faster"...
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