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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Bought this clown looking bike a couple years ago at at clearance sale at a small town Walmart store for $49

I figured at some point I could make some changes and turn it into a decent looking motorized bike, the pix below are what I have got done so far yesterday.

Not sure how this engine is gonna turn out, crank doesn't look very true in it and I've had to repair the case where it was busted when I pulled mag cover off and seen an issue that was allowing dirt and muck to be slung into mag area, I got that fixed and done so good porting on the GT5 jug and well as shaving .030" of the deck and with that my squish has been brought down to .025", not a super tight squish but much better than it would have been leaving jug at stock height.

So anyway this used to be fixe bike is what I did yesterday, it has 26" wheels now, the frame has been spread to accept the multi speed wheel and I put a 24T single speed freewheel sprocket on the wheel, the forks are off of an old USA made Murray cruiser bike and the front wheel is ans older USA made wald wheel that is in excellent shape with 14ga spokes, the rear wheel is a new wheel master with 12ga spokes, pay no mind to the tensioner bracket, i plan to try to get this set up without a tensioner on the drive and possibly only use one on the pedal chain if need be, trying to decide what sprocket size I want on this bike, debating between 36T and 41T this will likely be a bike I will put up for sale if this engine works out to be a smooth runner at 25-30MPH, still multiple things up in the air on this one, but just thought I'd share what I have done to it so far.
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