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Default Re: Pull start china doll?

Mine had issues with the pull start hitting the pedal cranks as well as the centrifugal clutch I had installed on the other side but I just put a double bend on the crank arms so they were just clearing on each side by about 1/8". Another option would be to get a wide crank kit, but most one piece cranks will bend easy enough by slipping a 3 foot long pipe over the crank and bending them out while stabilizing the bike , just make the bend close to the crank base, then you can make a second bend up closer to the pedal so it'll still pedal straight when pedaling. You can also heat the crank to make them bend easier, but not a good idea on a fully assembled bike since it'll melt or even ignite your bearing grease and can toast any aluminum parts like an aluminum frame by overheating the aluminum enough for it to lose it's heat treatment.

If you already have a 3 piece crank it's best to just buy a wider crank set unless you can find a set of cranks that'll bolt onto your center that are already double bent.
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