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Default Re: Pull start china doll?

Originally Posted by Slogger View Post
Is there any problem with pedal crank clearance using these?
I have a genesis 29 from walmart.
There can be, it the engine is mounted high enough in the frame that pedal don't contact pull start you're good to go, but if pedal crank hits pull start, you will need to do one of three things,

1. heat cranks with torch and put a bit of a dog leg bend so the cranks clear

2. buy wider cranks

3. if there is enough room in frame to raise height of engine so the crank arm will pass just under pull start.

the last is a fairly easy solution if the frame will allow and you have a way to make an extended front engine mount.

the first two options are the most common since so many frames dont allow you to raise the engine enough to clear.

the "daimond shaped mountain bike and fixie road bike frame give plenty of room for raising the engine, but most cruiser frames don't.

The 29er might have room, but you'll just have to experiment to see what you have.
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