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Default Re: From the depths of winter.....

Eh remember many of those shows ? Seems I remember Rocky and Bullwinkle
being in Frostbite Falls hunting for the "Upsidasium" (the anti gravity matter) with Boris,
Natasha, and Mr. Big hot on their trail. Somewhere in there Bullwinkle put on this thinking cap
called "The Kerwood Derby" and was temporarily as smart as Einstein. Problem was they borrowed
the name idea from an early "Today Show" personality named Derwood Kerby, (an high strung intellectual guy who looked much like Cosmo of the Seinfeld Show) and Kerby wound up suing
the Rocky & Bullwinkle show for using his name without permission. Kerby took himself quite
seriously and he didn't like the comparison of himself with the dim wit moose Bullwinkle.

Remember any of that ?

I was just a kid but Dad and Grandad didn't miss too many episodes. Fractured Fairytales used to
put Grandad flat on the deck and Dudly Do Right paralyzed Grandma with laughter.
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