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Default Re: 40mph?????

Originally Posted by SJCASEY1110 View Post
I had my bike with an 80cc engine for a little while and I get up to about 27mph. Does anyone know of any adjustments to make to make it go faster LOL. It says they go 40mph and up, but Id be happy to go over 30mph.

- Shawn
Andrew and Ilikeabikea have it down it's in the gears - but also there are some things you can do. First break the engine in. Always have a good plug - I think the NGK B5HS is about perfect. Good wire and boot. (you don't want to miss a cycle at all).

Next tune the carb as best you can. Or just buy a NEW carb - research the options. Then get a new head gasket and pull the head (and cylinder) per Norms posts. Do the wet sand lap job. You can get a better seal and slightly better compression ratio.

Use the highest octane gas you can buy. Use a synthetic race oil 25:1 or so. (I won't say add a little Castor oil yet)

Just a few more in the speed forum!
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