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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Here is a link to where I got my GT5 Jug, they have the jugs and the pistons, they sell the "Stinger" engines which are simply GT% Skyhawk type engines and so there engine parts are actually labeled so you know what you're ordering.

Now this said, I have seen on this vendors site that they also sell the old style crank assembly with the Z-L Rod and the crank isn't drilled for better balance, as far as I'm concerned these should be used for trotline weights only, no way I'd put one of these in one of my

But they do have other stuff besides GT5 only parts, good thing is that klike this junk crank (in my opinion) they do list what some of their parts will and wont work in, this crank is one of them, they say clearly in the listing this will not work in a GT5 type engine.
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