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Originally Posted by Flyman View Post
I don't understand you guys some times. I ride my motorcycle if I want to go
above 40mph. I'm like KC in the respect I hit the ground a lot harder than
when I was young. I also see no reason to get all I can from one of these cheap
China engines, just to see it fly apart & it will at high rpms.

You boys have your fun, we all have our own reasons as why we do what
we do. Just my thoughts.
All I can say is its cheap and fun... I got 3 motorcycles... all considerably faster than stock so I still got them to satisfy my need for speed, but I don't leave anything in my garage stock either... I've even ported and souped up my chainsaws, weed whackers, push mowers... and anything else that has a gas engine... it's just second nature to me. It really don't matter if I wreck a motorcycle at over 10th or a bicycle at 4th it's still gonna hurt.... I just do all I can to keep the odds in my favor... good tires, proper maintenance, and only get stupid on long empty roads where others won't get harmed by my addiction to go fast... I also have full gear on when I'm out playing too...
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