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Originally Posted by Flyman View Post
Dave these are no china made crap, no there made in KC. There hand made
in the USA. All parts are cnc machined & the pic's do them no justice.Go to
that site & take the time to do the pic by pic of the bike & check out the machine
work & the tig welding.Now the engine looks to be Lifan engines.

Buddy me being a retired tool & die maker I notice every thing when looking
stuff as this over.This is top notch.I don't live that far from them & plan to drive
up there & check out there operation. These remind me of sportsman flyer workman ship.

Fly... I'm very well familiar with the Motopeds... these are awesome bikes and first hit the scene about a year or so ago, the original builder sold the rights to another American company and they build them to order hence the slow wait to get one, even on their site they claim a 70 day wait once paid for due to the very high demand for these.
Definitely one of the best motorized bicycles one can buy. My favorite one is still the Boxxer, but sadly, they don't make them anymore, the Boxxer is kinda similar but uses a Morini 2 smoker so it's light, mean, and fast.
The motoped can be very mean with the 125cc engine and definitely wins in the appearance catagory... I'd love to get one of these and transplant a Kx85 engine in one...
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