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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
So spent the evening looking on ebay at CG engines. Prices are down and from what I am seeing(at least externally) the majority of engines seem to be GT5s. That's seems to be a good thing. We must be in the transition of engines or something. Looks like maybe the design was to a 38mm engine and the interim engines may have been assembled with the remaining stocks of parts making the half breed. Pure conjecture on my part.

However if Don Grubee had an engine(38mm which they all were) produced to good standards then dropped out of the market as Grubee did(I don't see them marketing any more) then it makes sense these ex-Grubee engines would show up since manufacturing is already set up. If they all run as good as the one yesterday Im all in for them.
Where did the engine you speak of here come from?

Was it an Ebay vendor or another source if you don't mind me asking?

Many people on here all the time searching for kits they can have more faith in and at least have an idea of what engine geometry they'll be getting since so many vendors don't list what the negine actually is.

I think most of the vendors dont really know what they have, the Half Breed I got recently was listed as a 40mm stroke engine but as soon as I pulled the jug I saw the ZAE50 Rod and then after sliding the jug back on seen that the piston was down in the hole at TDC about 1/16", this kit came from Honk Kong and from a vendor who sell everything imaginable so I had no doubt it was a crap shoot when I ordered it.

I know I have heard that mingsinternational sells GT5's, rose326a sells GT5's and another vendor called sashawigs2009 sells GT5 type engines, I'm sure there are others also but these are the ones that have been known for sure to be selling the high pin piston GT5 engines.
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