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Default Re: 20 Inch Rear wheel on a 26 inch bike?

Pedals might bottom out unless you used a set of short cranks off a 20" cruiser or a16" kids bike making it difficult for an adult to pedal... adding a 20" wheel in the back will lower the bike by 3" so you can measure this part and see how much clearance you got...
Acceleration would be nice but top speed would suffer unless you used a very small sprocket.
The way it handles may suffer the most tho because the fork's rake angle will be changed considerably... changing the rake and trail wiill definitely change the way it rides and could cost some stability so proceed with caution here...
is there a specific reason you want such a small rear wheel? A lot of people have used a 24" wheel on the rear successfully so that might be a better option unless you're looking for a certain look for your build...
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