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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
That RT head he is selling a Puch huh. I saw the same head on ebay under moped parts but didn't remember what it was advertised to fit.

Really nice to know theres an engine source where some one knows what they have. I will be buying from him.
I know it seems a bit unfair in some peoples minds to give shout outs to particular vendors on here and not mention others, but i like to give credit where it's due and among a couple other vendors here thatsdax has always been a top notch place to get many things for our bike builds so I poi t people in the direction of proven winners, especially the vendors who offer outstanding customer service and always go the extra mile if need be to resolve problems.

Buying from a vendor who personally test his own stuff before making claims and selling it is a rare thing when we look at how most of the ebay vendors do things, thatsdax is also a business and a business needs to make a profit to stay in business, but Duane does his bezt to run it as ethical as possible and makes himself available by phone to his customers.

I know he isnt the only one who does this but in my experience its very rare and many who give numbers to be reached can never be reached...... Thay rarely return a message here on the forum they advertise on, but they're sure happy to take your money via pay pal or whatever other means you can get it to!

Yes the Puch 70cc Hi Hi Heads do a good job, the holes have to be drilled from 6mm to 8mm but Duane sells his either way so if someone wants one ready to go tthey an just order it from him pre drilled for the 8mm studs and slap it on and add an instant performance increase in my experience with them, they give better cooling than stock heads, better compression, and a better squish when set up right which can also add a performance boost.

Thses heads are a great bang for the buck in my opinion, so far the fastest bike I have built was using one of these heads and it helped me to get over the 50 mph mark I had been shooting for, so I have to say I like them and the price is good on them also.
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