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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
No I wont be getting one, just saying if the module is good it will eliminate 50% of the necessary parts currently needed. Its not new technology, been around 30+ years on small engines and is basically bullet proof. I think the Chinese just continued with the technology copied from the older Russian engines. I bought 3 CGs as soon as they hit the country in maybe 04- 05? They vibed badly and the ignitions failed very shortly, maybe from the vibes.
The new engine itself is a Flying Horse, nothing to do with Grubee I assume.

The comments on the SRat came from the Grubee spec sheet. Its the only jug I have seen listed with the 50mm spacing. Makes it unique. Another question is why is are there 38mm cranks with too short a rod? Is it a move to detune the engines for reliability?
If you look at Daxs webpages everything is 38mm. The crank I bought about 10days ago was sold as a 40mm. Its actually a 38mm and as of yesterday has no text under the pic about it. I don't really care as Im not about hottin up CGs. So unless Dax and the other sellers have the "magic" jug they are selling 1/2breeds. Any 38mm out there with out the 114mm rod is gonna make a 1/2 breed regardless of whose crank it is, the heavy weight crank with the ZAE50 rod or Daxes current crank with the no name rod are all gonna be 1/2Bs. Doesn't matter to me as I like lower compression for the older technology used in these engines.

Just makes it kinda hard to figure out the thinking behind these 38mm engines.
You hit on the same thoughts I have had about the 38mm stroke seeming to start to take over and the 40mm stroke engines going away sorta, I was thinking it could have to do with lower compression for less wear on the bearings for possible better reliability, this may not be it at all, but I'm wondering why all the sudden the majority of the engines are going the 38mm stroke short rod direction with the low pin piston.

I had conversation with someone else who has been selling the 40mm stroke engines for a long while, and he told me that the crank have changed and that the engines he has had in the past are all coming with the 38mm stroke cranks now also, he told me that is why dax engines have gone to 38mm stroke also, seems that is what we are gonna be getting for the most part from here on out unless someone find a reliable ebay source for the 40mm stroke engines that have a good balanced crank.

I'd rather have a 38mm stroke engine that is balanced fairly good and has good bearings than a 40mm stroke engine that will shake your nails off above 25mph, I have some of those bad balanced engines and they don't perform good at all unless the revs are kept really low.

It could become that the Grube GT5 with the longer rod and the 38mm stroke could be the better choice for a performance build, looks like the engines are taking a whole new direction now for some reason, the 40mm stroke engines like dax had were hands down the best I have seen and used myself, it's a shame to see them go, but for me if the newer version can be made into a power plant that will get a bike of mine ginning good in the low to mid 40mph range like I have been able to do fairly easily with the older version, that will be fine with me, I't may just take a little extra work like shaving the jug deck and such to get compression where it needs to be.

I'm probably gonna get one of the new dax engines soon so I can see what it's all about and see how it performs in comparison to the 40mm stroke engines I have from him.
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