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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

No I wont be getting one, just saying if the module is good it will eliminate 50% of the necessary parts currently needed. Its not new technology, been around 30+ years on small engines and is basically bullet proof. I think the Chinese just continued with the technology copied from the older Russian engines. I bought 3 CGs as soon as they hit the country in maybe 04- 05? They vibed badly and the ignitions failed very shortly, maybe from the vibes.
The new engine itself is a Flying Horse, nothing to do with Grubee I assume.

The comments on the SRat came from the Grubee spec sheet. Its the only jug I have seen listed with the 50mm spacing. Makes it unique. Another question is why is are there 38mm cranks with too short a rod? Is it a move to detune the engines for reliability?
If you look at Daxs webpages everything is 38mm. The crank I bought about 10days ago was sold as a 40mm. Its actually a 38mm and as of yesterday has no text under the pic about it. I don't really care as Im not about hottin up CGs. So unless Dax and the other sellers have the "magic" jug they are selling 1/2breeds. Any 38mm out there with out the 114mm rod is gonna make a 1/2 breed regardless of whose crank it is, the heavy weight crank with the ZAE50 rod or Daxes current crank with the no name rod are all gonna be 1/2Bs. Doesn't matter to me as I like lower compression for the older technology used in these engines.

Just makes it kinda hard to figure out the thinking behind these 38mm engines.
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