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Default Re: missing thread (boost porting)

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Jason- Not everyone understands that. There are rank newbs that don't even know which end of a screwdriver to hold, and telling someone to "use a hacksaw and cut up the engine" is not the greatest advice.

If you could point out other threads that could lead to ruining an engine, PLEASE point them out....
Well using the "which end of a screwdriver to hold" mentality, then europorsche's thread on boost porting, any thread on lapping the head for more compression, porting the exhaust and intake manifolds, notching the piston, porting the intake and exhaust ports, modifying the carb, modifying motor mounts.... any of those can lead a newb to ruining a motor. If someone isn't mechanically inclined, just installing one of these things improperly can lead to ruining it.

I'll agree that a newb can mess up their motor if they follow some of the instructions on here. I think those types of things need to be in the hi-perf area, which most of them are. Only problem is, lots of people don't pay attention to where it's at