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Default Re: Purchases you regret

I guess I don't have much. I think I've got a few items (maybe still around) that are non-bike related that I bought and never used for one reason or another. And it seems that I've got vague memories of receiving something or other that was not at all what I'd thought I was buying.

But I've had similar problems to Semaj on kickstands. One where both legs folded up to the left side never worked well. And I remember stripping the mounting bolt early while trying to get the thing tightened up so that it wouldn't vibrate loose. Another standard type double leg that wasn't long enough. I've now got one with adjustable legs and it's pretty good. Though it still vibrates loose.

I've yet to find a really good kickstand for a motorized bike, for that matter. I've found some that are better than others. But even then, I have to park carefully. Particularly when it's windy.

I've never bought an engagement ring. (Considering that I'm just a very ordinary guy, I'm lucky to have done as well as I have when I think about how very, very cheap I am in the jewelry dept.)

And it seems that neither my wife nor I have a any regrets over our wedding rings. Though we're on #3 or 4 by now. In the early years we'd been known to throw them at each other on occasion. A couple of them did get lost.

But it's okay; we're more mellow these days.
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