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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
Bairdco was kind enough to post this back in 2011 about the Grubee engines. Check out the specs. 38mm stroke, they were purpose built to be. These would be the jugs to be looking for, but how to ever tell if that's what you would get?. Also check out the Super Rat specs. Has 6203 bearings on the crank. HP ratings seem realistic too.
Problem I remember being a big deal on those "Super Rat" engines is that they have a CDI that is under the mag cover, I remember it being posted here that this was the reason they quick making the engines, these CDI units couldn't take the heat and were very prone to fail quickly.

Seems I also read somewhere that at least some of the Super Rat engines had 6mm cylinder studs instead of 8mm, BGF was selling some of the Lowers for a while but he doesnt have them listed any longer so they must be gone.

I think he still has the odd ball rotor listed on his ebay page, but nothing else.

Seems these were here today and gone tomorrow engines because of all the problems with the CDI mainly.
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