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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by frank66 View Post
mapbike i agree about the gt5 being a great motor aswell as the pk80.

- the gt5a has the largest frame mounts however so im stuck with the gt5a on my frame.
- there are the flying horse engines with different pistons aswell. how are they???
Yeah I have read good and bad on here about the "Flying Horse" engines, I've seen where people have ended up with a GT5 geometry and others have said they got a PK80 40mm stroke geometry... so how the heck do you know what your gonna get....?

Even though either can be made to be a good running engine if the crank is good and it comes with a cyl/jug that has nice ports that can be cleaned up with minimal work, I would still like to know for sure what the engine is before I ordered one, I'm gonna have a hard time trusting any vendor that will sell me an engine and not be willing to at least know and let me know for sure what I'm gonna be getting.

Honestly most vendors of these engines and kits have one thing in mind and one thing only...{$$$$$$$}

Many spend all their time typing up false claims on engine size, hp rating and top speed of the bike after the "simple quick 3 hour build to ride time" that can be accomplished with a few hand tools....LOL!

Personally, If i have my way all I want to buy is the 40mm stroke engines like dax used to have, I cant figure out for the life of me why he would be ditching those engines..... they are the best of all I have seen and had hands down, smoother and better top speed potential than all others I have put together, I am very disappointed to see dax going to these 38mm stroke engines since out of the box there is no way they can hold a candle to the other "GenIV" 40mm stroke engine he had.

I know others out there have got to be selling these engines but who are they...?

I've PM'd Neil Senior (motorbicycleracing) at least twice with no response so I don't know if he still sells them or not or if he just doesn't want to sell them to me...??(Shrug)??

I'm fixing to put the GT5 lower I have together and see how it performs, it really needs the crank trued up since I can see the counter weights have a little wobble when I rotate it, but the member here that I purchased the lower from said it was a very good running engine when he ran it, so I'm gonna give it a go on one of my bikes that has a terrible running old model BGF engine the will vibrate your fingernails off at above 26-28mph, curious to see what I end up with, it will have a Fred ramped piston and the jug will have some port work like I do on all my jugs, transfers cleaned good and other ports "dee-bird" to help to help the air fuel mix fly in and out a bit better.

If the vibes get a tad rough at higher rpms, then at some point I'm pull it off take it down and true the crank to get the wobble out.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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