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Default Re: A question about additives

Goat Herder- The design I use has been modified slightly for performance, and to accommodate available materiel. It has proven safe, and effective. Not to mention almost free.

Tom- I was about to say that you were dating yourself... and then you did Sterno has fed me many a warm meal. It's on that list of smells that you know... The MRE heaters have made quite an advancement over the past few years too.

Map- Yes. To all of that. I thought I was the only one anal-retentive enough to keep records! With the thin atmosphere up here, my boil times have increased noticeably. Have had some issues with temp, not wind as much. That Heet is the best thing going for use, price, availability etc. I've out boiled more than one "summit reaching" store bought stove a guy paid $100 plus for. Wish I could remember where I learned this.
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