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Default I'm gonna build a new bike, part 2

Part 1 got a bit too long and was meandering some. I doubt if anyone wants to read all through that.

But I don't really mind tooting my own horn. So, if anyone is interested, here it is:

I've got this one practically finished. All of the cutting and drilling is finally done.

Oh, wait....I've still got to make a couple of bend clamps for the headlight bar. And there's probably one or two others lurking in there. And I've still got to fasten down the wiring.

Here's a few DIY parts. They're not Earth-shaking. But they might be useful ideas.

A cable guide.
cable guide, left rear.jpg

A combination cable guide, chain guard mount and muffler clamp.
cable guide muffler clamp chain guard mount.jpg

Plus a couple of views of the overall bike.
left side feb 2015.jpg
right side feb 2015.jpg

I've probably got a couple more weeks to dot all of my "I"s and cross all of my "T"s. The weather here just isn't quite right for taking this bike out and firing it up.

We had rain followed by snow over the last day and a half. Followed by a deep freeze. So now all that wet stuff under the snow has frozen into hard and uneven ice.

It's so bad that I doubt if I'll even try to ride my pedal bike until we get at least some thawing.

But that's kinda okay. It'll give me a chance to really button this bike up before I take it out.
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