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Default Re: Purchases you regret

I think we've all been there at one time or the other... really wanted something but didn't bother to ask if any good before buying either because we didn't think we needed to ask or maybe because we kinda knew it would get some negative reviews from others who already bought it so we don't ask in the hope that it'll work as advertised etc...

Sometimes we need to ask before buying or chalk it up as "lesson learned".

My bad purchases so far were...

Cheap engine kit... Only the original jug and piston are used in my bike.. everything else was junk.
Titanium piston pin and bronze bushing... Yup.. titanium is lighter, but the bronze bushing is Heavy, no weight savings here...
Centrifugal Clutch kit... This worked pretty good, but had to spend time on the lathe to make work properly, then the gear on the bell was just pressed in, it released on me after about 5 rides. I may braze the gear back on, bubt I'm pretty much done with that.
Bike.. I wanted a cheap bike to base my build on so I found this cool looking mountainbike at a pawn shop, didn't measure the frame, just bought it... Yeah, I got everything to fit and it runs very well, but having a larger frame would have saved me a ton of hassle and modifying of mounts, brackets, as well as welding and cutting to make things fit and work right.

Let's hear some other's mistakes so maybe a new builder won't do the same...
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