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Default Re: Im just curious ?

Im thinking it all depends on the seller's conscience... or lack there of to build a quality product. One can build a decent quality bike if they source their engines from a reputable source then use higher quality parts in place of the parts with known issues such as that plastic spark plug boot for example.
then if said builder takes care of the initial run in of the engines and sells the bike once they're sure everythings in good order, head retorqued and set, mounts checked and re torqued if needed, chain re adjusted after the initial stretching etc... then the end User will have a nice reliable ride that'll most likely last for them.
Now if the builder just buys the cheapest kits they can find, throws everything together and sells it before even starting the engine just to crank out bikes, the risk of something going wrong is increased exponentially. These are the type that only care about the money, most likely would try too blame the customer to get out of doing a quick adjustment or replace a bad part etc.... I don't know how they can stay selling, but unfortunately they get enough customers who either don't know about their rep or just want one so bad they ignore the warnings etc.... but it also makes it more difficult for the honest guy to build and sell because people begin to think its the bikes or engines that are at fault and not those few who are in it strictly for the money.
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