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Default Re: Im just curious ?

I'm working on a for sale bike now myself, I will have customer sign a disclaimer which will state that they understand there is no warranty and also stating that the seller of the bike or no one associated with any of the parts on the bike can be held liable for an injury, death, or loss in anyway including loss or damage to any private or public property.

I will however give the customer an easy to read and understand instruction sheet for fuel mix and general maintenance.

Ill be willing to help with any issues for the first 30 days and in that time if there is a faulty part Ill be happy to replace it if it hasn't failed due to abuse of the bike or engine.

The engine put on the for sale bike will have zero high performance mods other than maybe a better head since keeping the engine cool as possible is a good thing for reliability, the engine will get a better top bearing, gaskets sealed well and the ports on the cylinder will be simply cleaned of burs, better engine mount hardware and the carb will be jetted down a little for a smoother running engine.

If the right things are done and kit that has been proven to have fairly good reliability is used, I think the buyer can expect to get good service from the engine if it is run right and the oil mix is always correct with a good quality oil.

I plan to set the for sale bike up for a 32:1 mix using a quality oil the is easy to find in my area.
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