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Default Re: Pull start china doll?

I've actually been really happy with mine, I do treat it like a CAG with the plastic starter pawl, those were notorious for breaking, but as long as you pulled it gently until you felt the resistance from the compressiion before giving it a quick sharp yank it was ok. i use the same method with this one and it's held up just fine. My static compression ratio os 12.7:1 using a 6cc Fred head and .052" milled off the deck of the jug.
A lot of it is the pulling method, if someone just grabs the T handle and gives it a yank, it won't last, but by gently pulling until you feel the compression resistance first, the parts don't get that "running start" that can damage them.
I also waited until the engine had about 3 or so hours run time on it before installing the pull start so I knew it would always start on the first or second pull, the only time it takes more than 2 pulls to start is if it's really cold out and hadn't been run in like a week or so...
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