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Default Re: Hello from SouthEast Texas

I've gotten in the drive parts( sprockets & jack shaft) I'm gunna start out with a 12 to 1 reduction. I haven't taken off the engine yet. I don't know yet if I'll have to modify the frame for battery room.

I've been searching/studying up on controllers. I plan on rolling my own as I'm too cheap to buy a new one. I haven't wielded a soldering iron in a long while, but I was a Navy Electronics Technician in a previous life.

As its labeled a 12/24V motor, I was planning to run it at 24 volts. What I've read is that when you increase voltage you gain top speed at the loss of low speed torque.

I need to climb a grade of around 20 degrees at worst, but only for 300-400 feet. the rest of the time will be mostly level.

Does 24 v sound right? Or should I increase it?
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