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Originally Posted by Chainreaction View Post
I find it hard to believe how seriously interested I have become in gas bikes at 50.
beat me by a year. not looking forward to my next BD ;-/.

40 was bad enough...............

as was 30 for that matter.....

- ugh.

..........................I really love "giving it to the man"/"flying under the radar" ........while doing it legally!

OK is really affirming of our Liberty WRT to Traffic Laws and our "bikes" - from Gopeds to bicycles - 35cc to 80cc - 25 mph to 35 mph all legal and WITHOUT in$urance or regi$tration.

A friend of mine just bought a used 14K Yamaha (its a Landbarge too - engine is similar in size to my CAR! (Yaris)- just registered and insured it 3 weeks ago for around 600 bucks!..........equal to the cost of my goped (with added mirrors/bike rack/ basket/ windscreen).

free street legal Goped? or Registration, insurance, tag and title?

I know my choice!

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