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Default Re: I think we are the largest group on the web!

Thank you Cruiser and everyone else who has made a positive contribution to this and other sites .

I am happy and sad at the same time . I have been to the other site three times in the last year . I was curious to see what was going on . It was easy to find people abusing each other and reading between the lines , coming to nonsensical conclusions and then spewing vengeful replies and hurtful suggestions and comments back and forth .

I felt really bad for everyone else for having to read such dribble . Then I scrolled to the side to look at the names . I was shocked to find out that these people were members of this site as well . These people have never behaved that way here but they abuse others and cause trouble there . Please keep that sort of thing away from us and them .

Please go by the old saying "If you don't have anything good (or positive) to say , say nothing" . You don't have to tell someone else that you are right , to be right . This should not be a them and us issue . This should be a right and wrong issue . Support motor-bicycles everywhere and not indulge in abusive behavior where you want to . There are great people here and there , no-one deserves to be abused for sport .

If you don't have dreams , your dreams can't come true .
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