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Default Re: A question about additives

Yeah... really... WD40 and tranny fluid both are excellent cleaners and preservatives, we used to use WD40 as starting fluid when I used to work on big diesel trucks, the guy I worked for used to have cases and cases of WD in his stock room because if ya ever tried to start a diesel after installing a new pump or injectors etc... you'll know why...

ATF is also what the Rx7 guys use to keep the insides of their engines clean and carbon free... They flush it thru the carb with the engine running the same way we would do sea foam thru an engine to clean it out. I guess because they don't use piston rings but do use apex seals and side seals,these can get carbon buildup causing the car to burn oil and smoke, but the ATF cleanup revives and un sticks these seals...

I do save old ATF for those really stubborn grease caked parts, just dip them in the ATF for as long as I can or overnight usually does the trick.

For WD40, I always keep it on hand at the shop... that stuff has countless uses.

I guess we can un hijack this guy's post now... lol
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