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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

I have several jugs "specifically" for the 40mm stroke engine and I have one jug that is specifically for a GT5 engine I will do some examining and see if I can identify a difference other than deck height.

I know there has to be some very thorough posts on the subject here on the forum.

I've never until lately mess with the GT5 engines, I remember people talking about the 38mm & 40mm stroke cranks on here over the last few years, I do know that the current buzz about the " Half Breed " engine isnt new, it turns out that at least one of my older engines has the 38mm stroke crank but uses the PK 80 (Power King) piston and jug type.

It will be a couple days until I have time to dig my parts out but ill do comparisons with each jug and both a 40mm stroke pk 80 style lower and a GT5 lower.

If someone has time to do this before I do be sure and post pics of all of it.
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