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Default Re: Would you store gas and batteries in the same box?

Originally Posted by toytime View Post
i just bought what I think is a fabulous rear carrier with plans of putting my gas tank and two batteries that run my electric bike into it.
Now as I sat down I started to think about having a gas tank in a sealed plastic box along with 24 volt sealed bats. it would sure solve all my build issues for $33.
Dumb idea?
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I'd shy away from the idea, Toy.
It's one of those things that you could probably get away with for a long time and be perfectly safe only takes one thing to go wrong and you could get hurt or at the least start a fire where you'd least want it. Think of it this way: The box is sealed, or at least with little to no ventilation, and a wire connection comes loose from a battery, causes a spark... See what I mean?
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