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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Here is a pic of another crank that came out of an engine I got from LEB/BGF about three years ago, I never noticed before but it has ZAE50 on the rod also, but this rod is thicker and made a little different than the ZAE 50 rods that are being put in these latest engines, looks like this would be another type that Fred hasn't seen yet or at least didn't mention in his video.

The counter weights/flywheel weights aren't thick like the newer version either, this crank has the same width weights as the original dax GenIV FM80 engine, the measurement is the same bewteen these two ZAE 50 marked rods when I measure distance between main journal and rod journal, this older ZAE 50 rod and crank looks a little better in spme ways and a little rougher in others, this older engine also came with PK-80 Type a jug and piston, so it seems that this "Half Breed engine is actually nothing new at all but has been around for a long while, at leats since 2010 or so.

fist tow pics are of marking on older ZAE50 rod, second pic is a comparison of weight widths between the two ZAE50 rods which are the same stroke set ups and then we have the original dax GenIV crank and rod in the third pic, by far the best looking of all the cranks and best overall looking rod as well, the rod bearing is tight and smooth and the machining is very nice a nd clean.

the distance bewteen the main crank shaft and rod journal pin is 4.20mm vs the 3.75mm measurement i got on the two ZAE50 marked cranks, I'm guessing the 3.75mm measurement would be true also for the GT5 crank.

the original dax being a true 40mm stroke crank, and a much better looking piece than any of the others I have seen hands down.

I sure wish I had known dax was gonna crap can the good cranks and lowers, if I had known I'd sure have bought up a few for future builds...

Keep in mind here that my measurements aren't completely perfect since I'm just having to eye ball a little with the calipers, but it's darn close.
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