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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
I only have the Dax crank. I bought it as a replacement for my FH engine thinking it was a 40mm stroke as advertised. He lists a 115 rod length in the add. Cant be with a 40mm stroke unless he has the jug to match. I suspect he is using the 38mm/110 rod/low pin type piston, but have no hands on to know. This engine I have in pieces must be a GT5 as the head studs are fine thread. If the piston on the long rod tops flush with the cylinder, then there is a GT5 jug. Its the only way it can work. The half breed engine in the 40mm jug and comes up 2mm short. Both SHOULD come up way short in the GT5 jug.

This is confusing!
Yeah I dont know what to think about all this.....LOL

If the new crank you have from dax has the same rod as the crank you have that has the ZAE50 rod, then the newer dax crank will have to be used with a pk-80 type A jug and piston and then what you will have is the exact same geometry as the "half breed" engine and that engine will benefit from the same corrections as the ""original"" "Half Breed ZAE50 rod engine"

YesImLDS has one of the complete newer dax engines, and after pulling the jug he found that it has the rod marked ZAF80 and has the high pin pistn (Type B)

Does the new dax crank have any markings on the Rod?
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