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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

No wait it adds up! 38mm stoke+4mm(114 rod) rod length+ high pin piston probably equals the 40mm jug. Running a 38mm/110rod crank with the low pin piston was an easy way to use a 38mm crank in a standard 40mm jug, it works buts not designed to. That's why its a half breed better read, bastard engine. A bad marriage of the combo pieces. Must have a bunch of 38mm/110 cranks to get rid of.

Moral of the story may be stay away from 38mm/110rod cranks looks like the jugs are designed for 40mm. I guess the reasoning for wanting the ZAE50 rod crank was the supposed balance. Means a lot of jug/port work, don't know if its worth it.

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