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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
Map, maybe Im missing something? The rod in the link is a ZAF80, the missing rod in the vid right? Its a 38mm long rod(114mm) to be used with the high pin piston. The FM80 a 38mm stroke crank with a long rod. Both rod/crank combos make a GT5 and I betting the piston comes to the top of the jug.
The ZAE50 is a 38mm short rod(110mm) and will come up about .062 low in the jug, hence the 1/2 breed. I have a Flying Horse that has the 40mm crank with the ZL rod. That's a standard 40mm engine. Daxes used to be that way, but the Dax I have now is 38mm, making another 1/2 breed in a standard jug. So there have to be different jugs out there. Or the long rod 38mm GT5 will pop out of the jug.

Yeah I think your right, thats why this just got a bit confusing...LOL!

as you can see I went back and edited my other post after I read through your post again, initially I didn't understand what you had said so I had to go back and reread my post to see that I was off base with what you were trying to explain.

Yeah if the low pin piston is used on the long rod the piston will be way out of the hole.

What has me bumfuzzeled is that YesImLDS has the newer dax engine also and his has the high pin GT5 piston which would typically mean the engine is a GT5 standard type B engine, but if your engine has the 38mm stroke crank, the short rod plus the high pin piston, no way the jug can be the same and I would think that the piston skirt would hit the counter weights on the crank before piston would reach BDC.

Am I off base and missing something here...?

the 3rd pic you have listed shows the newer dax to have the same rod and stroke as the Half Breed ZAE50 rod engine.

Does your newer dax engine have the GT5 type B piston?
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