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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Could be I got a bad engine, like I said I would have never noticed a problem but I wanted to check the magneto because the engine was developing a sputter and that's when I noticed the crank could slide side to side about an eighth of an inch.... the sputter turned out to be debris in the carb... I could have got a bad speed carb too but the debbris was the rubber shedding off the built in fuel valve.

The crank it's self I'm sure wasn't assembled right or carefully enough, it was really bad.
the top end tho was really nice with big intake and exhaust ports and nice wide flat top transfers, and the piston assembly with a wider roller bearing was all installed on a Dax lower to make a very smooth running engine... not even a slight buzz on the hands at 9500+ rpm.

Hopefully mine was just bad and not all of them are that bad, there are several factories in China that build and assemble these so it may just look a lot like my first engine.
I'm Very happy with the top end on the Dax bottom end tho.
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