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Default New Guy from Michigan

Greetings All,
I have been poking around for a while now and thought it was time to get serious, register and get started with a project.

Growing up as a kid I always owned and was around mini-bikes, go-karts and small motorcycles, and the urge for some type of two wheeled toy has never been fully extinguished. My grandfather played with Whizzers, Cushmans and even a Kawasaki with a side car when I was young.

I have also been into cars, having owned and restored a couple muscle cars, I find the costs have just gotten so far out the reach of the average guys like me.

Over the years I have periodically looked at motorcycles and mopeds and mini-bikes online and keeping thinking about getting into the game again.

I didn't want the license and insurance hassles of a motorcycle (along with Michigan potholes and crappy drivers), mopeds for the most part don't have the look I want, mini-bikes around here get frowned upon by the police (and confiscated) as I was staring at the bicycles hanging from my garage ceiling recently and I thought why not pull a page from my grandfather's book and build something.

So here I am...

...I just bought a SkyHawk GT-2A aluminum frame, a 4-stroke Ghost Racer engine kit and will be using my son's old Trek 3-Series bike. I also bought a jackshaft from Sick Bike Parts which hopefully will give me some power off the line and some top speed.

My son picked out a metallic red banana seat to use, got it off of eBay, so the frame will be metallic red. My niece's boyfriend owns a powder coating company that does a lot of bicycle frames, so after mock-up it will get sent over to him.

I also picked up a dual crown suspension front fork off of, and that will be added to the mix.

Thinking of maybe a 60s/70s racer style of bike???

Anyways, I want to thank everyone from letting me join this great website and I hope to learn a lot more about these machines!!


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