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Default Re: Another new guy and 1st build on GT2 frame

Originally Posted by HDCowboy View Post
Exactly, everybody and there brother has a Harley now, I bet it would draw a lot of attention at a rally! Gotta bunch of ole biker bars in town where I live, one about a mile down the road from the house that gets about a 100 bikes in the lot on the weekends, will have to ride it down there wearing some old Snoopy goggles and an old leather aviator hat and see what kinda reaction I get! LOL!
That'll do the trick for sure... I kinda wish I had mine built back when we used to go to the SPI bikefest every year and the ROT ralley in Austin also ahs a lot of pathways people can put along on their toys, I saw a few of them at my friend's booth at the st Valentine's day Massacre ralley and the bikes got just as much attention as his custom parts and powdercoating displays got. He just had about 5 of them parked along with the rest of his stuff and the bikes were getting tons of attention, I'm sure if he or his son decided to put along the grounds on one they would have gotten even more.
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