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Default Re: Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

Originally Posted by worksmanFL View Post
Happy 4th Rob!

Very nice build!

Hows it going?

New pics and videos maybe?

For some reason I'm just seeing your comment. Thanks for the complement. The bmx is still in the same mock up stage as it is in my pics. I built another bike so I can have it to ride while I finish the bmx. I messed up the cdi on my new bike and had to use the one from the bmx. I'm gonna order a new one and a couple other things this friday.

She will be back on the road again but I plan to get the last few things done on my other bike before I finish getting the rest of what I need to finish the bmx. Hopefully if everything goes as planned(they never do) then I will have both bikes done before summer. Waiting for good weather to paint as well.

I will start new threads on each of my current builds once I get some things done and pics snapped. I will share the links to them here. Thanks for showing interest.

The bmx was a gamble for me. Since I have never seen another one like it. I didn't know if the CG with SBP shift kit would fit in the frame. I didn't know if the moped seat would fit(it didn't without mods). I didn't know if I would be able to make the moped gas tank fit right(also took mods). I didn't know if the fairing I got would fit right.

The bmx came as a single speed and in order to use a motor with the rear suspension(without some crazy chain tensioner) I needed to convert it to a multi-speed which I wanted to do anyways. In order to do that I needed some new wheels. After looking for wheels that would work, I found that it would be cheaper to just buy a donor bike with the wheels I needed. Plus I can use the other parts on other builds. For instance I used the triple tree from the donor bike as well as the original bmx wheels on my cruiser. The triple tree was a nice bonus. If I would have bought them separately it would have been almost double what I paid for the donor bike! The donor bike also has some nice handle bars as well as other parts from it and ones removed from the bmx and cruiser that will more than likely be use on other builds. Some of which I've already started planning in my head haha. This hobby is addicting.

Being a single speed to multi-speed conversion, the axle spacing between the rear drop outs would need to be wider by about half an inch. I didn't know if I would be able to do that without messing it up. I didn't know if the tires and fenders I got would fit right. I didn't know if I could get my SBP expansion chamber exhaust to fit the way I had planned(position and exhaust tip). I didn't know if the folding rear foot pegs would fit without messing up my swing arm(chain stays) or interfering with anything. Another big thing I didn't know was if the smaller front driven sprocket on the shift kit(standard size was too big and would hit the motor) would work well for my needs.

I still don't know if I can get my led moped tail light to fit on the fender i have. I don't know if I can get the battery and electrical components that I have will work either. All of that is part of the fun for me. I really got lucky on this build. Not as many headaches as I thought I would have. Some things almost fit together as if the where designed by the same manufacture. Things went together almost like a factory build. Basically if pretty much anything motor wise was a 1/8th inch bigger or if the frame was 1/8th inch smaller it wouldn't fit! Things had to go together a certain way or else it wouldn't go. A lot of parts on and off. It was a puzzle many times. So far the juice has been well worth the squeeze. Everything is turning out better than expected.

More to come soon. Stay tuned.
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