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Default Re: A question about additives

Originally Posted by Motor awesomeness View Post
I know that sea foam motor treatment works as a effective 2 stroke additive, but what about Lucas fuel system cleaner aka tune up in a bottle
I am not known for being a 2-stroke guy, so keep that in mind.
I do agree with you that SeaFoam is effective. It cleans the fuel system, lubricates the engine and keeps my fuel lines from freezing. Everything Lucas claims, plus some maybe If I feel like adding a little more, for a "better" clean once in a while, I do. There have never been any adverse effects. Likewise if I add none for a while.
That's alot from some hoo-do juice. What are you looking to get from the Lucas? (Their tech sheet does sound good!)
It's cooler to not fall off your bike.

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