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Default Re: Small Engines cold air and Performace.

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
My point exactly... it don't matter if it's a big 18 wheeler or a sub compact, motorcycle or chainsaw, liquid cooled, or air cooled, 2 stroke or 4 stroke, there's no reason to sweat over what plugs you got installed or what jets you got installed, once the engine is tuned it'll run in all 4 seasons.
So a little RC engine will not care from winter to summer? Beg to differ just a bit here. 50cc on down smaller gets a bit of attitude IME.

My fifty cc Morini needs a slight air fuel change over here from July to January. The plug stays the same in that motor for me however. With a 21mm carby I got the hottest plug in it I can get away with at my elevation. Runs great tho plenty of power on a cold winter day. Kinda freaky on power from summer.
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