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Default Re: Building a tank for my Gen-Lifan cruiser!

I guess there are varying of cost on those things. Some of those are special for drying water out of, I think mostly diesel fuel on boats.

My concern was just about bubble in line when near low fuel level. I know I might be pushing it with my hose routing and maybe it siphons a bit and still works with enough pressure.

I'm just careful to have the fuel line not get too close to the hot cylinder head, so it is not just downward slope. It goes up and around and back down lower to the carb fuel inlet so it needs to prime when started if the tank was dry empty before starting.

When I mean prime, not the carb, but the line. Only if the tank is empty or a bubble gets in the line you have better to not bother trying to pull the recoil starter rope.

Instead, I take off the fuel cap and use my hands cupped to blow pressure in the tank. Not too much as then the carb as well as the fuel line will get more than just a little prime.

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