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Default Re: Small Engines cold air and Performace.

Originally Posted by u2smile View Post
HI KC, thanks for the info. Can you give me an example of what we run in say a honda 31cc 4 stroker. Hot and cold?
Anyone know of a small add on temp gauge?
No clue for the 31cc but the HS 49cc 4-stroke likes the NGK 7544 (CR7HIX) Iridium here in Phoenix.

The best rule of thumb is to run as cold a plug (high number) as you can without it fouling because it's not hot enough to burn off the oil.

As for jetting I very seldom have to dink with that, Phoenix's elevation is 1,100' and seldom sees temps below 32F and the stock jets work dandy for me year-round.

And you can't compare these little air cooled 2-stroke engines to a water cooled computer controlled 4-stroke, they have their own temperature control for optimal engine temp.
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