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Default Re: Clutch cable spring

Actually the big spring serves little purpose as they claim its to protect the clutch cable from engine heat, if you need to protect the cable from engine heat the spring does prevent direct contact with the fins but the heat can still transfer from the fins to the spring and ultimately to the cable. Pretty much unless your riding really slow like barely moving slow or sitting at idle for long periods of time. But if there is a problem with too much heat that can harm the clutch cable a short length of silicone hose can be slid over the cable to replace the spring. This will protect it from heat as well as chafing, and it'll look better. It comes in every color imaginable too so it could also be used to match the bikes color or to match the color of the cable if new cables are used for better appearance etc. But it'll protect the cable from direct contact heat and from chafing thru the cable's outer plastic sheath from direct contact from the fins and vibration etc..
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