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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Today was kinda slow again at the shop so I went into the stock room and started messing with that disc brake rim some more, put a tire on it after it was cleaned, bearings cleaned out and re greased, then repainted it semi gloss black.
I got the other bike in the stock room upside down while the wheel was off so I put the wheel back on that bike for now and kinda gave it a spin, then it dawned on me... I wonder if this thing is anywhere close to balanced....
I watched the wheel as it slowed down where it would go half way around slowing down,then speeding back up for the other half way around.. Then I slowed it s it would stop and as it comes to a stop, it starts to roll the other way, then back and forth until the heavy part of the wheel faces down.
With nothing else to do I grabbed a tire crayon and some wheel weights, marked the light spot, that was easy, let the wheel settle then mark it at the top. Next I taped a small weight to the lightest spot then rotated it 90 degrees by hand and let go, the heavy spot just went to the bottom again as if I didn't even add th weight. After adding more weight I finally got that side to become the heavy spot, then I just took off the weight and cut off a little at a time until I could stop the wheel in any position and it stayed put. After I was done I just folded the weight (the lead stick on type with the double sided tape removed) over the spoke it was taped onto and crimped it down with some pliers so it can't slide up and down the spoke.
Re tested it in several positions and noticed the weight was just a hair off once crimped to the spoke instead of taped to the tire so I cut another weight lengthwise this time and squeezed it over the spoke next to the one that already had a weight on it then fine tuned the balance until it would stay put no matter where I positioned it. I also spun the wheel slowly as slowly as I could, but so it would at least go around one full turn or so and it spun and spun and spun but finally slowed down to a stop. When it stopped the weighted spoke was about 45 degrees facing up. I gave it another slow spin and it stopped in a different position, and everytime after this it wouldn't stop at the same place or even close to it. This is how I know it's balanced.

After I was done it took about 2 1/2 ounces to correct the balance, which is a lot if ya think about it, but can only imagine what the wheels on my silver bike are like. I'll be checking them next and doing the same thing because there's gotta be a few more mph being held back from being off balance.
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