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LandSpeedRecord- I can see the dual clutch/brake levers working fine for a skilled rider.
I rode a new '77 XLCH at Bonneville once, just out onto the lake at a dry time, no event or anything. The road just ran out and there was a sign and you were out on the salt.
I opened it up (all stock, brandy new) and went as hard as it would hop for 10 miles or so.
Never did a turn at all, straight as a string. I stopped to walk around a bit and realized that without my track I'd never find that road again. ;-)
On the way back I twisted it up to about 90 and was cruising along and if it weren't for the wind you felt like you could step off and take a leak. I did some big mile long figure eights (at speed) and it was really relaxing and sort of metaphysical. I was groovin out there. I bet a lot of riders have done the same, it's such an awesome place to ride.
The mountains are so far away they don't seem to move, the sky was deep blue, no visual cues that you were bookin'.
A motor bike is going to seem mighty slow out there. It would make a perfect place to test and tune, though.
My own bicycle wouldn't be up to 50 mph use. Something would let fly! : )
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